IELTS Speaking tips by sir sm imran

IELTS Speaking Tips

Speaking Part 1


In the beginning of the speaking test, the examiner will ask you some questions about yourself. You not only tell the examiner your name but also where you come from. Then the examiner will ask you about your home town or what you do.

After you introduce yourself, the examiner will ask you some questions about your hobbies and interests, for example sports.

Words that expresses Frequency


Regularly – Never – Frequently – Rarely – Usually – Occasionally – Often – Sometimes


From time to time – Every month/ week/ day – Once a year/ month/ week – Now and again

Some Useful Adjective Ending ing and ed

Amazing, Interesting, Fascinating, Boring, Loving, Irritation, Exhausting, Revolting, Disgusting, Satisfying, for example

It’s interesting.

Amazed, Interested, Fascinated, Bored, Irritated, Exhausted, Satisfied, For example

I am amazed.

Speaking Test Tips By Sir SM Imran

  • You can answer your question in the same tense as the question is asked by the examiner.
  • Part 1 topics are always personal and familiar.
  • In part 1 of the speaking test, you may be asked to answer a negative answer.

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