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IELTS preparation in Karachi

A complete Guide to IELTS by Sir SM Imran.
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IELTS classes in Karachi

My name is SM Imran, i am an IELTS teacher in Karachi Pakistan. I have been teaching IELTS for the last 17 years. I have decided to share my experience about IELTS that is why I have written this article, so that people can get in-depth knowledge about this course. I am also offering IELTS classes in Karachi so you also can join my institute.

A must-read Article About IELTS

If you talk about Karachi, Pakistan, there are hundreds of students who want to do IELTS, and they are searching for the best teachers. There are many IELTS institutes in Karachi where classes are being conducted by the experts. As you know that the repeat trend is on the rise, it is very much hard to achieve 8.0 band in IELTS. In this blog, i am going to guide you step by step how you can get up to 9.0 band in IELTS. Let me start from the IELTS background.



What Is IELTS?

Let me tell you first what IELTS stands for is International English Language Testing System. This test checks a person’s ability in English whether to what extend he or she can speak, listening, read and write. It is such an English proficiency course which is done by thousands of People around the world.


IELTS Institute in Karachi

I do not admire myself that i am the best IELTS teacher in Karachi, but i do my best to help people acquire the maximum bands in IELTS. You can join my IELTS classes in Karachi but first you take a free demo class so that you can have an idea. Now let me guide you about why we do IELTS and how many versions are available. You can scroll up and read from the right side.




Why do we need it?

We need to take an IELTS exam in Karachi and get a particular score in order to apply for a foreign country. Every country requires different scores in IELTS.
How many versions of IELTS are there?

1. IELTS Academic

IELTS AC is particularly done for the purpose of study visa, mostly students take this kind of exam.

2. IELTS Academic UKvi

This is the same for study purpose but specially for the UK but you can apply for other countries on this certificate. Just keep in your mind that IELTS Academic and IELTS Academic UKvi are same in terms of course format, so there is no difference. 

3. IELTS General Training

This test is only for those who are applying for immigration, job or business visa to any country.

4. IELTS General Training Ukvi

This is the same version as IELTS general training but only for those who are apply to UK for immigration or business purposes. If you have IELTS general training UKvi, if you still apply to other countries.

5. IELTS Life Skills A1

This test is for a spouse visa for UK, those who have been married to the British nationals have to pass this exam.

6. IELTS Life Skills A2

IELTS Life Skill A2 which consists of only Listening and Speaking is only offered in the UK. After passing 2.5 years in the UK, you will need to extend your Visa for further 5 years. In order to extend your visa, you need to pass IELTS Life Skills A2. 

7. IELTS Life Skills B1

While applying for settlement by parents of British citizens or persons settled in the UK will need to pass IELTS Life Skills B1 test in order to demonstrate that they can speak and understand basic English.

IELTS Step by step Guide by SM Imran


Let’s start with the IELTS Academic. The most interesting thing is to know that IELTS Academic and IELTS General training have same Listening Test.

IELTS Academic has four modules Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.

1. Listening


IELTS Listening Test
IELTS Listening test Guide


2. Reading


IELTS Rearding tips by sir sm imran
IELTS reading tips by sir sm imran


3. Writing

In IELTS Academic, there are 2 tasks. 

Task 1 is a report writing and Task 2 is an essay.

Let us talk about task 1.


IELTS Academic writing Task 1 


IELTS Academic writing task 1
IELTS Academic writing task 1 guide By sir sm imran




IELTS Academic Writing Task 2


IELTS Academic ESSAY Task 2 tips by sir sm imran
IELTS Academic ESSAY Task 2 tips by sir sm imran



4. Speaking


IELTS Speaking tips by sir sm imran
IELTS Speaking tips by sir sm imran


IELTS Letter Tips by Sir SM Imran
IELTS Letter Tips by Sir SM Imran


How To Book an IELTS Test?

There are 3 test takers in Karachi

  1. AEO Pakistan
  2. British Council Pakistan
  3. idp Pakistan

Frequently Asked Questions About IELTS?

When can i take IELTS?

You can take an IELTS test any time, you only need to get registered.

Where can i take IELTS?

You can take an IELTS test at British Council, AEO Pakistan or at IDP Pakistan.

How much does it cost?

IELTS Academic Fee 34000/RS

IELTS General Training Fee 34000/RS

IELTS Academic UKVI Fee 38500/RS

IELTS General Training Fee 38500/RS

IELTS Life Skills A1 Fee 29000/RS

IELTS Computer Delivered Academic and General Training Fee 33900/RS

Does the IELTS fee increase every year?

Yes, IELTS organization applies an increase of about 5 to 10 % of the current fee every year.

When can i receive my IELTS result?

You can receive you result after 14 days from test date. However, only a Computer Delivered test result comes in 5 to 7 days.

When can i re-appear in the IELTS exam?

As soon as you receive your certificate so you can book it again.

How many IELTS tests are there in a month?

IELTS Academic Thrice a month

IELTS General Training Twice a month

IELTS Life Skills Twice a month

IELTS Computer Delivered Academic and General Training 5 Days a week.

Which IELTS test should i take if i am applying for UK?

You should only take IELTS UKVI or IELTS Life Skills according to your needs.

How can i fill the IELTS form?

If you cannot fill the form, i will do it for you.

What is the IELTS exam booking website?

Visit this link, select the country, select the city, select the type of IELTS.

Look for a button ”Book a Test”.

How should i pay IELTS fee?

You will have an option in the last to pay the fee by Credit Card or by Pay Order or pay fee online or off line.

How many days before should i book an IELTS test?

I highly recommend to book an IELTS test 2 weeks before, however, it depends on availability and your luck, you may book it even 3 days before the test.

Is it necessary to learn an English language course before starting IELTS training?

Yes, if your English language skill is low so you will need to learn an English course up to advanced level.

What is the validity of IELTS certificate?

IELTS certificate validity is 2 years.

Total Time Of The IELTS Test

The total time of the IELTS test is about 3 hours including all four modules.

How to Calculate Overall Band score? 

The overall band score is obtained by adding all four component scores and dividing them by 4. Let me explain you in an easy way. First example, your scores are as follow Listening 8 + Reading 7 + Writing 7 + Speaking 7 = 29 then divide it by 4 = 7.25 therefore, it means that you get 7.5 band overall. So the point ending in .25 like 6.25 will be 6.5 band whereas point ending in .75 is considered rounded figure like 6.75 would be 7.0 band. You can say it is a normal math rule. Second example, Listening 7.5 + Reading 7 + Writing 7 + Speaking 7 = 28.5 divide by 4 = 7.12 which will be considered overall 7.0 band.

IELTS course in Karachi

If you start an IELTS course with me, I am definitely going to help you. I will teach you all the tips and techniques which will assist you to achieve IELTS success. I am sure my IELTS blog must be helping you. If you like this article, please leave a comment or give any suggestion that might help me to improve this article.


 This is an original content written by SM Imran. Kindly do not copy my article on your website, if found, i will seek legal help.









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