English Language course in Karachi by sir sm imran

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English Language course in Karachi

My name is Sir SM Imran and I am an English Language teacher in Karachi Pakistan, I am offering one of the best English Language course in Karachi at 3 Locations, situated at North Nazimabad, Gulshan E Iqbal and Sharae Faisal. I have 20 Years experience in teaching English Language course in Karachi.


If you want to learn to speak English fluently. I will definitely teach you how to speak English step by step. I am offering the best English learning opportunity in Pakistan where you can study in groups with lots of students. You can call me on 03218700455, i am also offering a free English language demo class in Karachi so that you can have an idea what type of teaching method i am using in my English Language training center in Karachi. I am sure if you meet me and see my English, you will definitely like my English accent. Just call me or contact me on whatsapp +923218700455, Sir sm imram.


English Language Learning institute course details in Karachi
3 Months course
Per month fee 5000/RS
4 days a week
6 Months course
Per month 5000/RS
12 to 2
2 to 4
4 to 6
6 to 8
7 to 8.30
Free demo Available
Contact Number 03218700455
Contact person: Sir SM Imran


The importance Of English Language course in Karachi

In Karachi there is a great demand of English, there are lots of institutes which are offering English Language courses in Karachi but at the last extend, the students are not satisfied with the English Language system offered by the institutes. Every one wants to speak English as well as want to learn it perfectly so that it can help them in education and work. Its demand is increasing day by day but no body is here to offer the best English Language tuition in Karachi.

Why choose sir sm imran

I assure that i will work hard on you and show you the right way and style in order to teach an English Language course at my institute. And i am sure between 3 to 6 months you will be able to learn to speak English fluently, God Will!

English Language Learning training center in Karachi
English Language Learning training center in Karachi

What are the factors that an english language speaking course based on

Let’s study step by step

  • Modal and Auxiliary verbs
  • Vocabulary
  • Tenses
  • Speaking Drill
  • Listening
  • Conversation
  • Group discussion

Now study each factor by clicking it


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